Soar to new heights with Prescott, the mile-high city nestled among Ponderosa pines of historic Prescott National Forest. Immerse yourself in 400 miles of breathtaking trails and tantalizing pine scent perfect for hiking, biking, or horseback riding adventures! Learn about some classic Western history stretching back centuries: explore 700+ homes & businesses listed on The National Register Of Historic Places as well as turn-of-the-century saloons that line 'Whiskey Row'! Step into a time machine - you'll be amazed at what Wyatt Earp left behind.

Prescott's iconic granite courthouse graces the quaint downtown, surrounded by lush parklands and American elm trees. A testament to Prescott's proud past as a haven for Midwesterners and New England settlers, this timeless structure serves up True West adventure sure to captivate any wanderer of historic proportions!

Prescott, Arizona is the official Christmas City of the Grand Canyon State! There's a plethora of soul-stirring holiday activities in store for December. On top of that Prescott offers four magnificent museums and so much more - like art galleries, quaint eateries with delicious grub to savor, golf courses galore as well as shimmering small lakes ideal for boating and fishing adventures ideally suited to bring out your inner explorer!


Prescott is a welcoming and unforgettable year-round destination attracting visitors seeking to experience authentic Western heritage and unparalleled natural beauty.
Each office is independently owned and operated.
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